Important Update!
Sophia Field is now a professional photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area! This is her old site, from 1997. If you like what you see here, you're sure to like the photos on her new site too!

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Gorilla slide show and more!
Crowned Cranes feeding their young
full image 54k
full image 43k
full image 37k
sleepy polar bear
full image 35k
my pet cockatiel, Teddy
full image 21k
Canadian goose
full image 31k
swimming penguin
full image 33k
kangaroo posing for camera
full image 37k
koala sleeping
full image 41k
Martha, the thinker
full image 22k
orangutan with a lot in mind
full image 21k
full image 34k
flamingo kneeled down
full image 24k
full image 41k
Oh, deer...
full image 26k
elegant duck
full image 28k

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