Important Update!
Sophia Field is now a professional photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area! This is her old site, from 1997. If you like what you see here, you're sure to like the photos on her new site too!

humans title

full image 28k
full image 22k
full image 16k
full image 15k
grandpa Hermann
full image 40k
Kite's smile
full image 37k
Jon& Mt. Shasta
full image 32k
full image 38k

full image 30k
just some strange girl
full image 22k
Cindy& Martha
full image 23k
full image 12k
The famous rap group 3 Honkees
full image 36k
Kite& his wet land
full image 32k
Jon& Martha
full image 36k
full image 16k
Derrickson from a film called Vendetta
full image 26k
the Chief, also from Vendetta
full image 24k
full image 25k
self portrait
full image 34k

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I'm very grateful to everyone who patiently posed (or just acted crazy) for me so far.
I'm also aware of the fact that it can get annoying to have me taking pictures all the time,
but I think it's worth the annoyance; this page would be have been filled with all Jon otherwise.
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