Important Update!
Sophia Field is now a professional photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area! This is her old site, from 1997. If you like what you see here, you're sure to like the photos on her new site too!

Sophia's Museum of Somewhat Fine Arts

W e l c o m e to S o p h ia F i e l d's
M u s e u m of S o m e w h a t F i n e A r t s.

Are you suffering from "I just can't get enough of images on the Web" syndrome? Well, suffer no more! You have come to the right place. The cure is only a few hundred clicks away! Start by clicking on the following icons now!

Simply Photographic

The Simply Photographic exhibit is a collection of Sophia's best unaltered and uncensored photographs.


The Phunkografix exhibit is a collection of digitally manipulated photographs created with exclusive Phunkografix technology.

Simply Photographic
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Copyright © 1996, 1997  Every tiny little creation on this site is copyrighted to Sophia Field, professional photographer.  If you are going to steal something, please be a courteous criminal, and tell everyone where you got it. Put a link to my page or something!

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