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photo of family, 1955
Hermann & Kate with their two sons, Alan (left) & Hugh (right), at Corringham Road, London, 1955

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        Hermann Haviland Field was born in Zurich in l9l0, the second son of an American zoologist, Herbert H. Field, and his English wife.  After his father's premature death, his mother took her children to the United States.  Hermann graduated from Harvard University in l933 and subsequently studied architecture in Zurich.  In l939 he was administrator in Krakow, Poland, for the British relief organization, the Czech Refugee Trust Fund, and after the outbreak of war worked for the same organization in England. From l940 he worked in architectural offices in New York, and in l947 for Western Reserve University in Cleveland until his abduction in l949.  After his release, he lived in Boston, working as planner for the New England Medical Center, and subsequently initiated the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy at Tufts University. He is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects.  He retired in l978.  Since then he has been actively engaged in volunteer work for the World Conservation Union (IUCN), and planning on the local level.  He and Kate have traveled in many parts of the world.

     Kate Field (nee Thornycroft) was born in London in l9l2.  She graduated from Cambridge University with an honors degree in economics and politics, and subsequently spent a year as a foreign graduate scholar at Smith College in Massachusetts.  After her return to England, she taught in high school, and then with her mother established a home for Spanish refugee children. After the Munich Agreement of l938, she worked with the British Committee for Refugees from Czechoslovakia, which became the Czech Refugee Trust Fund.  She married Hermannn in l940, and both went to live in New York, where she worked for the British Press Service, Time Magazine, and had two sons.  At the time of Hermann's disappearance she was working at Cleveland College as a lecturer.  After Hermann's release, their daughter was born in Boston.  Kate subsequently held an administrative position at Harvard University until her retirement in l978.  Since then she has been involved in many local government volunteer activities.

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