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Re: FDR's place

Posted by Hugh F. on November 24, 2001 at 08:33:49:

In Reply to: FDR's place posted by Jes on October 15, 2001 at 13:28:20:

I personally believe that there would have been no significant cold war if FDR had lived AND had succeeded in keeping control of his foreign policy. Stalin must have felt this way: he was upset with Eleanor Roosevelt that she did not order on autopsy after FDR died, at just the right moment for his enemies. There is a difference between having a divergence of interests, and ratcheting that divergence into active hostility, which tends to make things even more dangerous and unstable. We are AT THIS MOMENT reliving the origins of the cold war, except that this time it is a "war of civilizations". Here is the analogy:
FDR, like Wilson and Lincoln, believed that the ghastly deaths of so may had to lead to much more than business as usual. He sought an end to colonialism (which he set in motion in the Philippines) and cooperation to build a better world. Since this was also Stalin's goal, despite his utter brutality, and the opposite of Europe's goal, it is likely that FDR would have continued good relations with the USSR. Of course conventional wisdom thinks this would have been an outrageous outcome, but how is colonialism, which is another word for racist oppression, better? In fact, the creation of the Cold War did not, in my view, prevent Soviet expansionism: The lines of postwar Europe had been set at Yalta or Potsdam, and each side occupied that territory, brutally by Stalin in Eastern Europe, brutally by the West in Greece. So what was the point of creating fear and anxiety? It was to keep the world distracted and easily manipulated, prevent an end to colonialism, prevent cooperation for world betterment, make the US waste its resources on weaponry, and destroy US reputation worldwide as it conducted its anti-Communist crusade. It has worked perfectly.
Now it is time for history to repeat itself. The European elite, and their allies within this country, is America's number one enemy, because it wants to run the world, and run it under its rules. They have done it before (unlike the Arab world or East Asia), and they are determined to do it again. Al Qaeda did all its planning in Europe, and European security didn't care. Britain pushed the US into the Iraqi quagmire, making us an enemy of the Moslem world as long as we had troops in Saudi Arabia. 9-11 was an accident waiting to happen, and they knew it. It is easy for American officials, especially ones with outside loyalties, to seek to destroy their own country; it's a little harder for a President, no matter how mediocre he is, to do it. One can only hope that Bush does not expand this war, which has gone too far already, and make it into another quagmire. The Europeans are hoping and anticipating that he will, so that America can go into decline and Europe can get back the human race to abuse and degrade after having lost it for the American Century.

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