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Re: Welcome

Posted by Mike Munk on September 24, 2000 at 01:06:00:

In Reply to: Welcome posted by Hermann and Kate Field on February 12, 2000 at 00:13:10:

Just finished your important book. I came to the US as a young refugee from the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, leaving Prague in May, 1939. According to my parents, who assisted refugees from Germany and Austria before the occupation, we were assisted by a Canadian Quaker, Beatrice Wellington who probably worked with the British Committee fo Czech Refugees and by Wilfred Kinkle of the British Embassy who I understand was in intelligence. I wonder whether you are familiar with either of them and can provide any further information about them.

I'now retired from an academic career and have recently published a rather provocative argument about the Slansky trials in Science % Society (Summer, 2000). If you're interested, would be glad to send a reprint.

Best regards, Michael Munk

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