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Hermann and Kate Field
(Afterword by Norman Naimark)

Stanford University Press
ISBN 0-8047-3590-5

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"Trapped in the Cold War:  The Ordeal of an American Family will become a standard item in the growing literature on the Cold War and "High Stalinism".  Hermann's sheer intelligence and human insight will surely establish the book alongside such classics as Artur London's The Confession and Arthur Koestler's Darkness at Noon as a primer for the psychology of internment and the pathology of prison warders in communist countries. Trapped in the Cold War reads with all the immediacy and tension of the time.  Although the reader knows the outcome, Hermann and Kate tell their stories as they experienced them, imparting to the narrative the breathless terror and anxiety inherent in their situations."

From Afterword by Norman Naimark.

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